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Vedanta for the Householder

New Group Meditation & Knowledge Talk, Thursdays at 5 pm PST.

Join me every Thursday at 5 pm PST for a free group Vedic meditation and knowledge talk. Short on time? We meditate first, so hop on by at 5 pm for meditation only, and then stay when you can! We talk about all things from a Vedantic perspective, explore the teachings of the ancient Rishis, and discuss how their knowledge applies to us as householders in 2024.

5:05 - 5:25 pm PST - Vedic Meditation

5:25 - 5:45 pm PST - Knowledge Talk & Questions

*Open to all self-transcending meditators practicing with our technique, no matter what you call it or where or how you learned. If you are not part of our tradition but have a meditation practice, you're welcome to join us and practice your technique while we have a Vedic Meditation.

  • Meeting ID: 824 8027 2599

  • Passcode: meditate

5/16/24 Vedic
Meditation Q&A

  • Staying consistent with 2nd meditation

  • Dealing with distractions during meditation

  • Empathy as a trauma response

5/2/24 Nonduality and The Difference Between Vedic Meditation and Mindfulness 

  • How Vedic Meditation connects us to nonduality

  • The big subtle difference between Vedic Meditation and Mindfulness

4/18/24 Compassion
and Loving-Kindness Meditation

  • In this session, we do a classic Buddhist Compassion and Loving-Kindness Meditation

  • To listen to the meditation only, please see the audio track below 

C&LKM.MP3by Jenna Tighe
00:00 / 17:16

4/25/24 Awakening Compassion in Ourselves to Awaken It In All

  • Knowing Oneness through direct experience

  • Practicing self-compassion

4/4/24 Compassion
and Devotion Pt 2

3/28/24 Compassion
and Devotion

  • Why you should read Vedantic texts very slowly

  • Cultivating compassion for those who appear to be an enemy 

3/14/24 All About Stress Release

  • The process of stress release

  • The mantra:

    • effortlessness​

    • faintness and subtlety

  • Stress release and body feeling

3/21/24 Nonchalance, compassion, and devotion

  • Nonchalance while using the mantra and meditating

  • Compassion and devotion in non-duality

3/7/24  All About MahaShivaratri

  • What is MahaShivaratri?

  • Who is Shiva?

  • How you can celebrate this auspicious day

2/29/24  Negation as a Means to Liberation

  • Insight and direct experience with regards to our meditation

  • Self-Inquiry and the nature of reality

  • Negation of intellectual, mental, and physical concepts

2/22/24  Q&A

  • Is there a relationship between charm and karma?

  • I have non-stop thoughts during meditation - what does this mean?

  • Fate vs free will

  • The Vedic view of manifestation

2/15/24  Adi Shankara's
The Crest-Jewel of Discrimination 

  • Who was Adi Shankara?

  • Why is this book so important?

  • The first 2 (of 3) steps of his path to liberation - Insight & Inquiry - and how that looks to householders in 2024

  • Mantras to use outside of meditation:

    • Aham Brahmasmi​

    • Guru Dev

2/8/24 Renunciation of Seeking Enlightenment 
Part 2

  • Recommendation of Christopher Isherwood's translation of Adi Shankara's The Crest-Jewel of Discrimination 

  • The covering of bliss vs. Bliss Itself

  • Why not understanding what you just learned when studying Vedanta is evidence of consciousness expanding

2/1/24 Renunciation -
Seeking Enlightenment 
Part 1

  • Review of meditative experiences - transcendent and thought filled meditations

  • Internal renunciation of the desire for enlightenment 

1/25/24 Nirvar Tatvam
Swami Brahmanada Saraswati's (Guru Dev)
2-word lecture 

1/18/24 How Life Stresses Stabilize the Benefits of Your Meditation Practice 

1/11/24 Charm & Being Unattached to Outcome

  • Review of renunciation of thought and desire

  • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the recurring thought Rameshwaram (ebook here - The man we refer to is Tat Wale Baba)

  • How Vedic Meditation is Nishkama Karma Yoga - action without regard to outcome

12/14/23 Renunciation
& Thought

  • Renunciation for the householder

  • Consciousness, thoughts, and meditation

  • Managing thoughts and emotions with mindfulness

  • Self-realization and spiritual practices

  • Vedantic philosophy and self-awareness

12/21/23 Renunciation
& Desire

  • What is desire?

  • The concept of charm

  • Charm and a dysregulated nervous system

  • How to practice charm

12/7/23 Viveka & Maya

  • Viveka review

  • An Alternate Understanding of Maya

  • What is enlightenment?

  • Inner-body awareness and an aid to realizing one's true nature

  • The nature of reality and consciousness

11/30/23 Viveka - A Modern Understanding 


11/16/23 OM & Fire

  • Why we shouldn't use Om (and what to use instead)

  • Why we don't engage the abs in Vedic Meditation

  • Current planetary alignment can lead to arguments in relationships - learn to take that fiery energy within and evolve instead!

  • Short reading about fire (Agni) from the Siva Purana. 

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