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Rounding is an advanced technique of Vedic Meditation that prepares the body and mind for deep meditation. It uses a specific sequence of gentle yoga poses, breathwork, meditation, and rest. These four elements, when done consecutively, constitute a round. Each round takes about 45-60 minutes. This sequence is designed to de-excite the physical body, allowing the body and mind to experience profound levels of rest. 


I teach rounding to existing Vedic and Transcendental Meditators in a 2-part zoom workshop. In the first 2-hour session, we cover the history, methodologies, and technical aspects of rounding. In the second 1-hour session, we discuss how your practice is going and plan a strategy for you and your rounding practice moving forward. Both sessions include doing a round together. The investment is $175. 

For Existing Rounders

Once you learn rounding, I host a weekly rounding zoom group on Saturdays at 8:30 am PST. In these free sessions, we do a round together and finish within an hour. I'm available afterward to answer any questions about your practice. These sessions are only open to those who have already learned to round. It's a lovely group, and you will receive support no matter where you are on your rounding journey. Feel free to come as little or as often as you'd like!

To access the Saturday morning weekly round at 8:30 am PST

*Please DM me for passcode

Meeting ID is 698 975 6046

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