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Upcoming Group Meditations

Let's give thanks together!


 Thanksgiving Morning Gratitude Meditation!

We'll start at 8:30 am PST with a 5-minute Gratitude Ceremony for the teachers of the Vedic Lineage. We'll then have a 20-minute Vedic meditation followed by 30 minutes of silent gratitude writing (optional).

Meeting ID is 698 975 6046

passcode is meditate

*The Gratitude Ceremony is the same as the one you witnessed when you learned Vedic Meditation. Please come with a flower (if possible), no shoes, and participate in the ceremony standing up (unless you need to sit). 

Friday Morning Rounding

We'll meet at 8:30 am PST Friday morning to do a round. What a great way to re-center and refresh after Thanksgiving festivities!

*Open to those who have previously learned to round.


If you have not yet learned to round and would like to, click here, and I will contact you shortly!

Meeting ID is 698 975 6046

*please DM me for passcode

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