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Tantric Numerology & Personalized Kriya

Receive a personalized kriya to strengthen mind, body and spirit

  • 2 hr
  • 108 US dollars

Service Description

In this unique session based off the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, you will receive a Tantric numerology reading, which uses your birth month, day, and year to analyze your gifts, challenges, and your souls purpose that you were put on this eart to fulfill. We will look at strengths and weaknesses through the concept of The Ten Bodies. We tend to think of ourselves as a physical body and a soul, but in the Tantric tradition, we are understood to have ten bodies that include one physical body, three mental bodies, and six energetic bodies. They are: 1. Soul Body 2. Negative Mind 3. Positive Mind 4. Neutral Mind 5. Physical Body 6. Arcline 7. Aura 8. Pranic Body 9. Subtle Body 10. Radiant Body Through analyzing our strengths and weaknesses through the lens of our ten bodies, we gain key psychological insights to our nature, behaviors and preferences. You will also receive a personalized kriya. The word kriya means action, more specifically, an action that leads to a manifestation of an intention, such as to grow in spirit and overcome self-limiting beliefs. A Kundalini yoga kriya consists of postures, breath and sound that work together to produce mental and physical changes that benefit body, mind and spirit. The kriya you will receive is given based off of your numerology reading and will be designed to help strengthen the body or bodies that need the most improvement to maximize your physical and mental well-being.

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