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Jenna Tighe
Meditation Coach & Spiritual Guide 

My mission is to help you realize your true nature by letting go of everything you are not

I'm Jenna, a meditation teacher with over 15 years of experience in the spiritual space. 

I blend ancient meditation techniques, present-moment awareness, and non-duality teachings into everything I do. 

My mission is to support your spiritual health and well-being and guide you in awakening your inner knowledge through a transformative journey with meditation and self-discovery. 


What Does The Neutral Mind Meditation Teach?

Meditation is the basis of all The Neutral Mind's teachings. Meditation practices and experiences underlie our three pillars: Insight, Inquiry, and Negation. 


With The Neutral Mind, meditation is used as a tool for the following:

  • To release stresses and traumas stored in the body and mind

  • To have a direct experience of Being

  • To discover the innate knowledge that underlies conscious awareness 

We have three different tiers of meditation available in The Neutral Mind: beginner, intermediate, and most committed. 

1. Insight - Intellectual understanding of your true nature.

In non-dual culture, you often hear the analogy of the ocean and the wave - a wave is not a separate entity; it's the ocean that has temporarily manifested in wave form. Much the same, the Universe temporarily manifests in human form, but in doing so, it forgets its true nature.

2. Inquiry - Continually remembering who you are.

If you are a temporary wave manifesting from an endless ocean, then what is your true oceanic nature? Trying to put it into words is of no use because the Infinite, in its unboundedness, is beyond words and thought forms. It is something that must be experienced, not learned. 

Learning to be aware of where you are placing your attention at all times and remaining in the present moment is the easiest way to realize your true nature through self-inquiry.

3. Negation - Realization of your true nature by the process of negation.

There's a Sanskrit expression that is used to perfectly describe the process of negation - "Neti Neti," which means not this, not that.


You know intellectually that the essence of your true nature is eternal and limitless, so if what you are experiencing is not the omnipresent bliss of the unbounded, then that's not it. That includes your thoughts, feelings, and life situations. All these are temporary forms and, therefore, cannot be the real you. 

Since Consciousness is complete, eternal, and unchanging, all things in this relative world are not it either. When you negate all that it's not, you are left with all that is - Sat-Chit-Ananda, a Sanskrit term meaning Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. 


Why not just call it that and describe what it's like? Because if you can name it and conceptualize it, that's not it. It's beyond name and form and can only be experienced by the unspoken realization of its true nature. 

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