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Cultivating Inner Bliss: Bridging Meditation and Daily Life

A talk on presence

Quote and Context

  • Quote from "The Yoga Vasishtha"

  • Brief background on Vasishtha and Rama

  • Rama’s identity as Vishnu incarnate

  • Rama's depression and Vasishtha's guidance

Realization of the Supreme Self

  • Description of oneness and realization in daily life

  • Vedic meditation as a technique for experiencing transcendence

Explanation of Mantra

  • Definition and function of the mantra

  • Mantra as a vehicle for the mind

  • Connection to Sanskrit roots

Transcendence Experience in Meditation

  • Initial experience for new meditators

  • Growing awareness of blissful moments in practice

  • Encouragement and reassurance for practitioners

Bringing Bliss into the Waking World

  • Importance of regular practice

  • 20 minutes twice a day, non-negotiable

  • Role of community and group meditations

Stabilizing Awareness Outside Meditation

  • Practicing diverting attention from the thinking mind

  • Introduction of a breathing exercise

  • Instructions for simultaneous awareness of breath while engaged in daily life

Practicing Presence in Daily Activities

  • Breath as an anchor for attention

  • Comparison to the role of the ego

  • Benefits of practicing attention diversion

Practical Exercise

  • Introduce the conscious breath practice

  • Encourage ongoing practice throughout the talk

  • Acknowledgement of inevitable distractions and the practice of returning attention

Attention Diversion Techniques

  • Examples of attention diversion anchors

  • Breathing, body sensations, distant sounds

  • Practical tips from other teachers

  • Michael Singer's Doorway practice

Reflection on the Role of the Ego

  • The ego is essential for the human experience

  • Ego's role in problem-solving and its limitations

  • Redirection of attention from ego-driven thoughts

Integrating Practice into Daily Life

  • Importance of small, consistent practices

  • Example of Thich Nhat Hanh’s dishwashing practice

  • Encouragement to find personal reminders and anchors

Long-term Benefits

  • Training attention to stabilize awareness of bliss

  • Gradual progress and continuous practice

  • Prana as a link between the manifest and unmanifest

Reframing Ignorance

  • Understanding "ignorance" in Vedic terms

  • Awareness and choice in diverting attention

Encouragement and Support

  • Practical advice for integrating the practice

  • Encouragement to continue despite challenges


  • Recap of the importance of regular practice

  • Encouragement to maintain community support


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